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  • Opel Astra GTC, new

    The Opel Astra GTC is 15 mm lower than the five-door. It is wider in front track

  • BMW 6 Series coupe, new

    This third generation will have initially two petrol variants, but probably later adding a diesel option. The first and most “light” is the 640i Coupe with six-cylinder engine

  • Infinity cars, brand

    The Infiniti logo is derived perhaps from the symbol for infinity and the concept of the open road and traveling toward infinity…

  • Hyundai cars short history brand

    Hyundai built its first car in 1968, the compact sedan Cortina, Ford licensed. In Korea, Hyundai developing large models that were but renamed Mitsubishi

  • Hummer cars brand history

    Hummer was a brand of automobile SUV belonging to the group General Motors. The first model is a derivative of the Humvee, a military vehicle

  • Honda cars, short history

    One of the strengths of Honda and its main factor of differentiation from other car is the research and development of technologies to achieve the call sustainable mobility strategy

  • GMC cars, General Motors Company

    General Motors automotive group founded in 1901 by Max Grabowski

  • Ford cars, brand auto

    Ford revolutionized the automobile industry with the production chain assembly

BMW 6 Series Coupe

The third generation BMW 6 Series Coupe is here and brings occasional novelty. For starters, it gains in size, lowering its height, updates its aesthetics, increases engine power and ... Read more

Opel Astra GTC

There is a simple three-door derivative of a compact, but a car with personality. The Opel Astra GTC shares very few components with their brethren in range, but has the same name. This is the car that will be presented at... Read more